Limit: 3 Free Seleniums per order.
Offer Expires June 1, 2020

Vitamin C, the “Great Detoxifier” and Immune System Booster is on sale at Bio-Recovery. We offers two choices: Bio-Buffered C (powder) and Bio-Buffered C (capsules) with bioflavonoids Rutin and Quercetin. Both choices are high-quality buffered forms, so they will not aggravate the stomach at high doses. 

Great News! Every Time You Buy a Vitamin C (powder or capsule), We'll Send You a Free Selenium ... FREEE! Why Selenium? Read Mark's Story! (below)

I hope you’ll share this. I had the great privilege to hear Professor Harold Foster address the Orthomolecular Society (A highly prestigious body of medical professionals). Dr. Foster, past president of that society, was curious about medical anomalies associated with geography. An area of Africa (Senegal) had no problem with AIDS! They were just as promiscuous as any other area of Africa, and many were HIV positive, but their HIV never developed into AIDS. Eventually Dr. Foster determined it was the abundance of soil Selenium that protected them from developing AIDS.
You see Selenium inhibits the replication of viruses.

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