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Chromium: $17.50 per bottle … NOW 2 for 1
Glutamine: $13.25 per bottle … NOW 2 for 1
AlphaWaves: $21.00 per bottle … NOW 2 for 1
Amino Powder: $36.00 per tub … NOW 3 for 2

Offer ends April 30

The Glory Be to Spring Sale is ON NOW!
Four Great Products with Super Saver Deals!

(1) Chromium has been studied for its connection to various health conditions. Active areas of Chromium research include treatment of diabetes, lowering blood lipid levels, promoting weight loss, and improving body composition. 

(2) Bio-Aminos is a proprietary formula based on the consolidation of multiple lab tests. Amino Acids are life-supporting protein builders; they contribute in a variety of ways to help maintain health and stable brain functioning including the manufacturing of neurotransmitters. 

(3) Glutamine helps the brain kick out ammonia, an irritating byproduct from protein breakdown. IBS and digestive issues can be reduced with Glutamine. For a nervous stomach, try combining Glutamine with L-Theanine (found in the AlphaWaves) to calm the stomach.   

(4) AlphaWaves is a proprietary blend of powerful calming amino acids (GABA, Taurine, Glycine & Theanine); they help activate a calming (not sedating) effect on the brain without producing dependence or problems associated with pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs.

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