Best-selling international author Dr. Mathews-Larson, Ph. D. writes:

“Our formulas have been tested and fine-tuned throughout 40 years of observance at (*). In doing so, I have come to understand that there is a vast difference in quality, freshness, and absorb-ability among nutrients. All supplements are NOT created equal!

After my first book was published I heard from so many readers who had purchased products that performed poorly because they were tablets rather than capsules, some products weren’t fresh, or they were manufactured from questionable sources. At that point, I sat down and scrutinized every bottle of nutrients in my formulas for maximum effectiveness. I did so because your rapid recovery depends on you using the purest, most absorbable, nutrients available.”

Twenty-Five years ago, in response to the problems Dr. Mathews-Larson observed with cheap, ineffective supplements, Bio-Recovery was formed to provide high-quality nutrients to her orthomolecular-based chemical dependency treatment clinic (*). Supplements sold under Bio-Recovery’s label have always required a Certificate of Analysis and/or documentation guaranteeing they are produced by CGMP certified laboratories providing everything they claim to be. Bio-Recovery supplements are manufactured potent and effective, the way Joan Mathews-Larson wants them to be for her clients.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Use quality supplements. Cheap supplements will not perform well and may cause adverse reactions in allergy sensitive people.
  • In most cases tablets do not perform as well. Often they pass through the digestive track without breaking down. Insist on capsules.
  • A buffered vitamin C® is better absorbed and less likely to upset your stomach. Other options include Lypo-Spheric vitamin C®, which incorporates the latest nanotechnology and provides great performance.
  • Use chelated minerals to ensure that they are being absorbed. Bio-Recovery sources its minerals from Albion Labs®, the most respected mineral research lab in the world.
  • Amino acids should be Free Form and crystalline pure (like Bio-Recovery’s). Amino acids derived from dairy products through the “lacto-butyric” process and not free-form do not perform well for mental health issues. All amino acids sold at Bio-Recovery are Free-Form amino acids and tested for potency and purity.
  • Essential Fatty acids should be tested for purity and potency. Oils should be encapsulated as soft-gels or packaged in  dark glass bottles when sold in liquid form. Bio-Recovery imports it Omega 3 oil from Norway where it is carefully tested to be purity. Omega 6 EFAs should be sourced from evening primrose oil (not ineffective borage oil) to ensure the best absorption to restore the brain.

Bio-Recovery sells the Same Nutrients Used at (mentioning this treatment center is FDA restricted).

The formulas outlined in the books (FDA restricted) have been developed, tested and refined at (FDA restricted) for over 35 years. The success of your program depends on the products you use.

Traditional mental health care facilities provide no biochemical repair, but Joan Mathews-Larson’s formulas are tied directly to the nutrients they use. Bio-Recovery products incorporate the latest scientific research with the highest quality features.

Bio-Recovery products match the formulas outlined in the books (*), so you don’t have to wonder if your finding compatible products to match the requirements of a formula.

Every formula we sell comes with accompanying suggested-use schedule (including any modifications backup by sound orthomolecular research, field tested at (*).  These directions help to take the guesswork out of administering a formula to yourself without a holistic health practitioner on hand.

Bio-Recovery’s knowledgeable staff is always ready. Call 612-827-2241 to help with any questions pertaining to a formula and its use.

The cost of Ground shipping in the Continental US is Free for orders over $300.00. Smaller orders will be charged their  postal or UPS cost. The cost of overnighting, weekend, special deliveries, and international shipments can vary significantly. Call Bio-Recovery first for a quote (612-827-2241).

If you compare how much you get from Bio-Recovery nutrients versus the other brands, Bio-Recovery is a better value. If you only shop price you won’t be comparing apples to apples. You must consider freshness, potency, and quality. Bio-Recovery offers great cost-effective supplements. Don’t risk your chances for success on cheap supplements.

*Compliance with the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prevents us from saying the name of the internationally recognized orthomolecular treatment center that developed these formulas, or the books that have been written about them.